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In 1998, the Provincial government and Ontario's Municipalities embarked on a new division of responsibility for local services. Local Services Realignment (LSR) was the first reform initiative to bring about fundamental changes to the way the Province and Municipalities managed and funded key public services in Ontario. LSR was considered a major step toward efficient & cost-effective government in Ontario.

Key objectives of LSR were:

  • greater accountability to taxpayers;
  • protecting priority services & maintaining critical standards;
  • streamlined service delivery;
  • better rationalized funding responsibilities;
  • capitalizing on local expertise & innovation;
  • greater autonomy for municipal government; and
  • reduction of duplication & waste.

LSR resulted in the designation of 37 Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) in Ontario and 10 District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs) in the North. The 47 municipal delivery agents took on responsibility for managing the delivery of most social & community health services in Ontario.

The Provincial government passed a District Social Services Administration Boards Act and Regulation 278/98 which defines the roles & responsibilities of the DSSAB. The Regulation is much more specific and sets out requirements such as qualifications and roles of members.

Under the DSSAB Act, a DSSAB is responsible for three core services: Ontario Works, Social Housing and Child Care, and two optional services: Land Ambulance and Public Health.

The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board (RRDSSAB) received its official designation on 01 February, 1999 at which time the Ontario Works Program was officially transferred from the Province. Since that time, the RRDSSAB has taken on responsibility for Child Care, Social Housing and Land Ambulance Services. Public Health remains optional.

For more information please visit the Ontario Government website at http://www.gov.on.ca

The Board area encompasses ten member municipalities and three member electoral areas (unincorporated) including:

  • Township of Alberton
  • Town of Atikokan
  • Township of Chapple
  • Township of Dawson
  • Township of Emo
  • Town of Fort Frances
  • Township of LaVallee
  • Township of Lake of the Woods
  • Township of Morley
  • Town of Rainy River
  • Rainy River District Central (U)
  • Rainy River District East (U)
  • Rainy River District West (U)

Board Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month @ 6:30pm, in the Board Room of the Administrative Office located in Fort Frances.