Our Service Crest

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The new Service Crest designed by Fort Frances Paramedic, Mary Waghorn was unveiled at the Fort Frances Grand Opening. Mary’s crest was picked by an overwhelming majority of our fifty Paramedics in the District from the 28 contest entries submitted. The design of the crest captures many elements.
  • The staff represents medicine & health
  • Colour choices: Ontario’s “tartan”. Red represents the Aboriginal peoples of the Province; green – our forests and fields; blue – Ontario’s waters and white – our skies & clouds above.
  • Star of Life – 6 barred cross – represents the 6 system function of EMS – detection, reporting, response, on scene care, care in transit and definitive care
  • White trillium: our Provincial flower - was used medicinally by First Nations
  • Maple leaf: symbol of Canada
  • ECG symbol: electrocardiogram, the heart’s natural rhythm
Crest Image