Statistics - Atikokan Station

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Call volume

  • 518 (2006)
  • 399 (1996)

Response Time Defined

90th Percentile

The 90th Percentile Response Time is the time at which 90% of  life and death emergency calls are answered. It is compared to the standard as set in 1996. For example if your 90th percentile response time is 16.4 minutes, this would indicate that 90% of all emergency calls (code 4) responded to had an ambulance at the scene in 16.4 minutes or less, and in 10% of the calls it took an ambulance longer than 16.4 minutes to arrive at the scene.

Note: The 90th Percentile Response Time Standard was set by the Ministry of Health and is referenced to the times achieved in an service area in 1996.  It has been noted that this standard does not represent rural and remote stations well. These stations are generally situated in area of relatively low population, i.e Rainy River District 1.4 persons per square kilometer versus the Provincial average of 12.4 persons per square kilometer.  In these areas driving time to a scene is the single largest contributor to the length of response time.

Response time

  • 1:04:49 (2006)
  • 22:19 (1996)

Note: Atikokan Station Response Time has increased primarily due to increased calls at the Lac La Croix First Nation which is approximately 1:30 minutes from the Atikokan Station