Community Participation

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Building new and improved skills in the community

Community Participation is one component of Ontario Works that allows you to develop new skills while giving back to the community. As a recipient of Ontario Works financial assistance, you may be required to take part in this activity if you have been on assistance for three months or longer. Placements never exceed 70 hours per month and six months in duration. Community Participation:
  • adds new and current references to your resume
  • teaches new skills and builds confidence
  • helps you network and make new job contacts
  • allows you to give back to your community
There is extra funding available for people who take part in community participation to cover transportation, clothing and other costs related to the placement you are in.

But I already volunteer!

If you volunteer already, you may be eligible to have your hours count towards this activity and could be eligible to receive funding to cover those extra costs that go along with being a community volunteer. Please speak with your Case Worker about your options. Some other things you need to know about Community Participation:
  • it may be mandatory to take part
  • you are required to treat your placement like a job
  • you must continue to look for work
  • many people have re-entered the work force with a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence because of the skills they learned on their placement