Components of Ontario Works

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There are five main components to Ontario Works. They are:
  1. Employment Support includes:
    • Community Resource Centres equipped with fax machines, phones, computers, photocopiers and employment related literature and resources.
    • Job Search activities such as individual searching and structured help.
    • Employment related seminars
    • Life skills Training
    And, when indicated in your case plan:
    • Basic Education such as completion of Grade Twelve
    Job-related courses must have prior approval
  2. Employment Placement for:
    • Job referral services with and without employer incentives
    • Job-ready clients who require assistance in finding employment after completing at least four months of individual job-searching; and
    • For Clients who are interested in starting up a business (self-employment) and have a viable business idea or a completed business plan
    • For people who need just a little extra help in linking with the work force again.
    Employment Placement places people into real, paying jobs in the community. Wage Subsidy may be available.
  3. Community Participation includes valuable activities within the community that will help you acquire relevant job skills and experience. Placements may be self-initiated or arranged through our referral service. A maximum of 70 hours a month for up to six months may be requested of you. Any hours that you work at a paid job would reduce the expected placement hours.
  4. Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) is a program for teen parents, It is mandatory for parents under the age of eighteen and is voluntary for parents up to the age of 21. LEAP provides extra funding and support to help our parents (a) achieve their high school graduation and (b) LEAP offers cash incentives for those who are successful in both areas.
  5. Financial Assistance is the actual money you receive while meeting all other eligibility criteria.