Financial Assistance

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We will ask you a lot of questions when you apply. Some will be very personal and may be uncomfortable to discuss. However, please keep in mind that we need to know and would not ask otherwise.

There are numerous activities that you may take part in while preparing yourself for job readiness and you will be referred to an appropriate program once a case plan has been developed by you and your Case Worker.

It is important to understand your eligibility for financial assistance will be based on your active participation in one of the employment-related programs. This means that in order to receive a cheque, you MUST take part in employment activities. Failure to take part in Ontario Works employment activities could result in cancellation of financial assistance.

You will be asked to sign a Participation Agreement to further establish your understanding of the Ontario Works program and the activities that will relate to your plan. This is the second phase of the application process. Your case plan may change as you achieve employment-related goals and become more job ready.

**The third and final phase of the application process is attendance at one of our mandatory orientation sessions. This session is designed to provide you with all of the information you will need to participate in Ontario Works fully.

To apply for assistance, you must contact your local office to schedule an appointment to have your application taken. Prior to your scheduled interview, you will be provided with an Employment Information Session which is designed to give you all of the information you will need to participate in Ontario Works. Once your eligibility has been established, you will complete an Employment Assessment and develop a clear case plan outlining your shortest possible route to employment. That route may include job searching, basic education, or acquiring relative work experience through community placements. You will take an active role in the development of your own case plan.

Application for assistance and eligibility requirements

Reporting any changes to your circumstances

Our office needs to know about such things as vehicles, loans, whether you live with your parents, your past work experience, who lives with you and your relationship with them, whether you have quit a job…there are numerous others!

We also need to know when things change. If you move, change jobs, receive a gift or loan, get a car, sell an item, etc., you must advise us. If you receive money that you were not eligible for, even if you didn’t mean to, it will be collected back from you as an overpayment. Therefore, it is best to discuss all changes with your Case Worker before they occur, if possible.

The best rule to follow is: if you are not sure whether your Case Worker needs to know about a change, tell them and let them decide.

When information or verification is requested, it is your responsibility to provide it to your Case Worker. He or she will not be able to get it for you.

Once the applicant qualifies for one of our services, they will be assigned to a Case Worker. It is extremely important to book an appointment with your worker before coming into the office. Your worker will be very busy and is often busy with other people. While your Case Worker will try to see you if you arrive unexpectedly, there is no guarantee that you will be seen.

Please call and book an appointment if you want to see your case worker.

A word about social assistance fraud…

We hope that you are always open and honest with your caseworker. If you think that you may have misled or omitted important information, please contact your caseworker immediately to clarify the situation. Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board employs Eligibility Review Officers who investigate allegations of fraud.

We do not want this situation to occur and encourage you to always discuss your situation with your caseworker.