Monthly Requirements

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Your monthly cheque and statement of income

Declaring Your Monthly Income

Once your application for Ontario Works Assistance is completed and approved by your Case Worker, you will be issued a cheque package. If consists of four parts:
  1. The CHEQUE portion is signed by you and kept by the person who cashed it. This section will not be included for those who receive Direct Bank Deposit.
  2. The STATEMENT OF ASSISTANCE is your cheque stub and shows the details of your entitlement to assistance. It should be kept in a safe place for reference. This may also be called a Statement of Direct Bank Deposit.
  3. The DRUG BENEGIT ELIGIBILITY CARD covers certain types of drugs prescribed by your doctor. The card is given to and kept by the pharmacy.
  4. The STATEMENT OF INCOME is your request for further assistance. It is a legal, sworn declaration and is admissible in the court of law as such. Please read all of the instructions very carefully. Failure to complete it correctly may result in the delay of your next cheque. Failure to report all information may result in criminal prosecution.
The Law states that all social assistance recipients must report to their Case Worker, the source and amount of any money, gifts in kind or loans that they have received or is owed to them from any source. Because assistance is always issued in advance (i.e. before the expiry of your eligibility period), income that is available to you, prior to the release of your cheque, is taken into account when determining the amount of your cheque. If you or members of your family have received money that was not deducted from your previous assistance cheque, you must immediately inform your Case Worker of the source of and amount of those monies. Your Income Statement is due on the 16th of each month.
  • The REPORTING PERIOD is located in the box immediately below your name. You must declare the source and the amount of all monies received by you or anyone in your family during the time frame indicated.
  • To the right of the Reporting Period is a box that specifies the date that the Statement of Income should be returned to this office.
  • You and if applicable, your spouse, common-law or same-sex partner are required to sign the Statement of Income.
  • On the reverse side of the Statement of Income, you must check one of two boxes to declare if either you or members of your family have received monies or not.
  • If this form is not correctly completed, it could delay your cheque.
If you or members of your family have received money, you must declare the source and amount in the space provided. You must attach verification or information to explain the source and amount of each type of income. Please note that the money that you receive is applied to a future cheque. For example; it is possible for you to receive income in March and have it deducted from May’s cheque. It is important to budget for this. *Remember your statement is due on the 16th of each month**

What you need to send in each month

It is essential that you advise your Case Worker of all changes that occur to your living situation or financial status. It is YOUR responsibility to advise your Case Worker immediately of all changes. If you aren’t sure – call!! The following list of items may be required, as applicable, on or about the 16th of each month among with your completed Statement of Income. It is your responsibility to provide your Case Worker with all information required to assess your eligibility.
  • Pay verification (all earnings, including casual)
  • Employment Insurance Benefits Stubs
  • Canada Pension Stubs
  • Private Pension Stubs
  • WSIB Stubs
  • Job Search Report (originals please)
  • Attendance Reports
  • Current Rent Receipt
  • Updated Bank Books/Statements
  • Utilities and /or Gas Bill
Photocopy your originals if you want to keep them. A photocopier is available at your local OW office.