Rent Supplement

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The Rent Supplement Program offers rent-geared-to-income accommodations in privately owned buildings throughout the Rainy River District.  A “rent supplement” is a subsidy provided to landlords to bridge the gap between the market rent for the unit and amount the tenant can pay based on their income. For example, if the market rent on a unit is $600 per month and the tenant’s rent according to their income is $200, the rent supplement portion paid to the landlord on a monthly basis would be $400.  Landlords who are interested in Rent Supplement can get more information by contacting the Assistant Housing Manager at 274-5349 ext. 229 or toll free at 1-800-265-5349 ext. 229. Renters wishing to apply for residence at an existing RRDSSAB Rent Supplement unit should contact the Integrated Intake Worker at 274-5349 ext. 222 or toll free at 1-800-265-5349 ext. 222. For more specific information on units available through Rent Supplement please refer to the Tab - Locations/Units.