How to Inquire About Your Cheque

For all inquiries regarding your cheque please call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 1-800-808-2268

The IVR telephone system lets you get specific information about your case file and general information about social assistance over the telephone.  In many ways, IVR is like telephone banking.  For example, to find out if your most recent cheque has been issued, call the IVR telephone number.  You will be asked to enter in your nine-digit Member ID number and your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).  You can find out when your last cheque was sent out and the amount of the cheque, as well as other important information about your case.

The IVR is a toll-free telephone system that provides general information to participants about Ontario Works and selected information about personal case files including:

  • most recent cheque amount and date
  • previous cheque payments (within the last 45 days)
  • overpayments
  • case file status

When do I get my Member ID number and Personal Identification Number?

Within 2-3 weeks of receiving your first cheque, you will get two separate mail outs containing these personal numbers. Do not share these numbers with anyone.

IVR is…

  • automated information that you would normally have to get from your worker
  • available during and outside regular business hours
  • convenient and easy to use

What if I lose these numbers?

If you lose your Member ID number or Personal Identification Number, the IVR Help Desk attendant can help you.

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