Other Benefits

Other Benefits Ontario Works Recipients May Be Eligible For...

Ontario Works recipients, spouses and dependents may be eligible to receive the following mandatory benefits:

Health benefits

    • prescription drug coverage
    • vision care for dependent children and children in temporary care
    • diabetic supplies, surgical supplies and dressings
    • medical transportation costs $15 and over
    • consumer contribution for assistive devices and eligibility assessment under the Assistive Devices Program (ADP)
    • batteries and necessary repairs for mobility devices
    • routine eye examinations once every 24 months (ages 20-64)
    • extended health benefits

Guide Dog Benefit

      • Full-time Employment Benefit
      • Other Employment and Employment Assistance Activities Benefit
      • Advance (up front) child care
      • Transition Child Benefit 
      • Pregnancy/Breast-feeding Nutritional Allowance
      • Special Diet Allowance

Discretionary Benefits That May Be Provided to Eligible Recipients...


    • dental care for adults (emergency dental only)
    • vision care for adults
    • prosthetic appliances
    • funerals and burials


    • travel and transportation that is not for health-related purposes
    • any other special service, item or payment authorized by the Director