Message from Chief of EMS

Rainy River District Paramedic Services (RRDPS), formerly Rainy River District EMS (RRDEMS) is comprised of more than 57 dedicated professionals, including about 52 front line paramedics and a management and administrative team of 5. We provide emergency and health care services to 10 municipalities and a vast unincorporated area throughout the Rainy River District. When you, your family or friends need us the most, due to an accident or medical emergency our paramedics will be there.

On January 1, 2000, the responsibility for Land Ambulance Services, previously delivered by the Province, were transferred to the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board (RRDSSAB).  The Board elected to continue to provide Land Ambulance services through contract with the two local hospitals for the next seven years.  On January 1, 2007 the RRDSSB elected to directly operate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as Rainy River District Emergency Medical Services and ended the contracts with the Atikokan General Hospital and Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc.  January 1, 2016 the Board adopted to rename the service to Rainy River District Paramedic Services to better reflect the advancement of the role of paramedics across the province.  We continue to respond to 911 calls and inter-facility patient transfers from 4 stations utilizing about 12 emergency vehicles.

The EMS system has been rapidly changing over the last decade and we constantly continue to endeavour to improve service to our communities. Today patients under the care of paramedics will see an impressive array of skills and specialized diagnostic/treatment equipment at their side.  These specialized tools and equipment are utilized to better assess and treat injuries and illness. Our paramedics work under strict protocols and receive guidance of a physician through direct access in emergencies and extensive ongoing training and certifications.  The Service responds 24/7 to more than 4,500 calls annually across the 15,000 square kilometers of the Rainy River District.

This new and improved website should provide you on detailed information on what is a paramedic, what a paramedic can do, where we are, and how well we do our work.  As always we welcome your feedback to make the site more accessible, easy to navigate and a valuable resource of information.  I hope you find the information valuable and useful in your quest for further knowledge.

Dan McCormick
Chief of EMS

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