DRRSB Approves 2024 Budget

Fort Frances, Ontario – 2023/12/14 – The District of Rainy River Services Board (DRRSB) unanimously approved the 2024 Annual Budget of ~32.4 million at the regular board meeting held Thursday, December 14, 2023.  The overall budget reflects an increase of $1.28 M or 4.13% which is funded primarily by the Province through the four major programs, Ontario Works, Children’s Services, Community Housing and Paramedic Services.

The municipal share will see an increase of ~$266,302 or ~4.99%, attributed to additional one-time costs for 2024 and inflationary factors affecting utilities, fuel, building materials, maintenance contracts, and food.  The Board also elected to return $100,000 to the municipalities to reduce the increase of the municipal share to ~3.12%.

2024 Approved Budget Breakdown:

  • Ontario Works: $2.94 million (2024) vs. $2.89 million (2023)
  • Children’s Services: $9.11 million (2024) vs. $9.16 million (2023)
  • Paramedic Services: $9.64 million (2024) vs. $9.04 million (2023)
  • Community Housing: $8.18 million (2024) vs. $7.59 million (2023)
  • Central Administration: $2.62 million (2024) vs. $2.52 million (2023)

Total Budget: $32.49 million (2024) vs. $31.20 million (2023)

The 2024 Capital Budget totals $2.03 million, covering essential projects such as ambulance and fleet vehicle purchases, equipment upgrades for the Community Paramedicine (CP) Program, and various facility improvements. Capital projects are funded through restricted reserves and have no direct impact on the municipal share.

“Our budget for 2024 reflects a strategic investment in our mission and growth,” said Debbie Ewald, Chair of the DRRSB. “Recognizing the economic landscape, we have factored in the necessary inflationary costs to ensure our commitment to operational excellence and sustainability. This budget positions us to navigate challenges effectively while continuing to deliver on our core objectives.”

Notable changes in specific program budgets include a ~$50,000 increase in Ontario Works, aligning with the ongoing transformation of Employment Services. Children’s Services experienced a decrease of ~$50,000, reflecting Ministry of Education’s continued work on a new Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) funding approach.

Paramedic Services saw an increase of ~$600,000 related to 100% CP funding, and Community Housing expenditures rose by ~$590,000 for 2024 due to an enhanced provincial allocation for Housing and Homelessness Prevention.

Contact: Heather Latter, Communications Officer, District of Rainy River Services Board,
807-274-5349 ext. 243 or heather.latter@rrdssab.ca

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