Operations / Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

What is it?

Quality Assurance is a regular and ongoing process used to evaluate the care and service provided to patients accessing Paramedic Services. Our Quality Assurance program helps to us to maintain and ensure patient care is delivered to required standards, best practices and applicable policy and procedures. It is used to identify the need for enhanced training programs and education to ensure proper and professional care is provided.

How it Works

We collect, maintain and analyze data through all aspects of service delivery, prior to, and during an emergency call. Our Quality Assurance process ensures that the collection and analysis is a comprehensive system that ensures continuous development of excellence towards patient care and the paramedic’s professional development. We look at all aspects of care provided, including but not limited to, vehicles & equipment, ambulance stations, patient care, and professional development/training. Data is tracked, recorded and used to identify areas that require enhancement and improvement. It is also used to identify areas that are meeting or exceeding the standards of care. Paramedics receive positive feed back, acknowledgment and training to further improve their knowledge and skill levels.

What are the Benefits

Quality Assurance ensures the highest level of patient care is achieved. This benefits the communities and patients we serve with the knowledge and confidence that they are receiving an established standard of care. It also assists us with strategic planning, paramedic development and budgeting.

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