DRRSB Striving to Maintain Accurate Homelessness By-Name List

Fort Frances, Ontario – 2023/11/15 – The District of Rainy River Services Board (DRRSB) is committed to addressing the issue of homelessness within the Rainy River District. As part of this ongoing effort, the DRRSB is working diligently to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the By-Name Prioritization List (BNPL), a critical tool in the collective mission to provide support and assistance to those experiencing homelessness.

The By-Name Prioritization List is a dynamic record of individuals experiencing homelessness, which enables service providers to identify, prioritize, and offer targeted support to those in need. By maintaining an up-to-date and comprehensive list, the DRRSB can identify the gaps within the system and advocate for additional resources to meet the needs of the district.

Efforts to keep the by-name list current involve collaboration with local outreach teams, community organizations, and other stakeholders. Through regular data collection, cross-referencing, and validation processes, the DRRSB and community partners can work towards ensuring that individuals on the list are connected to the appropriate resources.

“A person on the By-Name Prioritization List isn’t just a number, but a human being with a name who is known and recognized and can be supported during a difficult time in their life,” said Brenda Witherspoon Bedard, DRRSB’s Community Engagement Coordinator (Homelessness).
It is important to note that inclusion on the By-Name Prioritization List is strictly voluntary, and individuals must provide their consent to have their name included.

Through a coordinated entry system, those experiencing homelessness can have their name added to the list. The community partners include the DRRSB (in both Atikokan and Fort Frances), Rainy River District Victim Services, United Native Friendship Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association Fort Frances, Riverside Health Care, the Salvation Army, and Rainy River District Women’s Shelter of Hope.

This collaborative approach helps to ensure that the By-Name Prioritization List remains comprehensive and reflective of the current situation, aiding in the collective efforts to combat homelessness in our communities.

Heather Latter, Communications Officer, District of Rainy River Services Board, 807-274-5349 ext. 243 or heather.latter@rrdssab.ca

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